La Lupa (guest post by Matt Cornelius- Eat Out In)

La Lupa is a quaint little Italian restaurant found in the heart of Canton, Cardiff.

This restaurant may be situated in the middle of the Welsh capital city, but has every feel of wining and dining in the beautiful streets of Italia.

Upon entry you get the instant warmth of an authentic Italian-run establishment, coated by the sound of Italy’s music.

The staff are passionate and friendly and effortlessly make you feel comfortable and willing to relax.

The restaurant has an open plan kitchen, so it’s possible to see the chef work his magic. Whilst on the subject of the chef it would be rude not to mention the pride that he/she takes in the food they cook, from the presentation to the quality of taste.

Sirloin steak with generous helping of veg and wedges

Being a man who will only eat a meal if there is some form of meat accompanying it, I went for the lamb skewers to start, followed by a sirloin steak, and both were cooked to perfection and melted in my mouth. The steak was accompanied by a very generous side dish of potato wedges and vegetables.

As well as a wide selection of meat based dishes, there were plenty of other options on the menu, for all those pasta and pizza lovers.

My partner went for the simple but effective pesto pasta, each dish covers all the basics of a good tasty dish and more. They have clearly added their own, La Lupa edge that leaves a happy, satisfied taste in your mouth (thankfully not overwhelmed by garlic) and we’re looking forward to the next visit.

Classic pesto pasta

This restaurant would be perfect for any occasion, as due to the quirky layout, you have the chance to hide in a corner and enjoy a romantic night with your partner or you can move to another part of the restaurant where you can be joined by parties of friends and family.